Launching our Blog

By September 10, 2015


Hi. Thanks for reading this and welcome to our very first post… ever.

It’s our first post because we’re quite a new company. However, we’re not new to the business: we’ve all been producing software for a while now.

Michelada is (for now) a very small company. There’s only five of us working here right now. But, the five of us have been working together for more than four years building amazing products for companies like yours.

So, after a small hiatus where all of us parted ways and tried different things, we decided to come together and start our own company. And here we are.

We specialize in Ruby, Rails, Node, Objective-C and whatever is needed to turn your ideas into products. We can also add up to your current team if what you need is to increase your development power for a few weeks.

I just wanted to let you know that we are ready and available to help you. We can talk the details if you write to us at

Looking forward to doing business with you.